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tv   [untitled]    June 21, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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and i think havingsupervisor wie clear, typically, in our parks, everything other than candlestick and golden gate park, we typically have one or two parked patrol officers for everything at a given time? >> correct. supervisor wiener: i find that to be beyond unacceptable. is not criticism of the department, you just don't have the staffing. i don't know how we can reasonably expect the department to keep part properties safe, secure, and vandalized -- un- vandalized when you have two or three officers and outside of the entire park system out side of golden gate and candlestick, i it's frankly disgraceful we have not provided more parked
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patrol staffing for the department. if you were to have four additional park patrol officers, what would that mean for staffing? >> if we had for additional parking patrol officers, that will allow us to double the number of staff we have at night. there will always be one at candlestick. that property is under our stewardship. we would probably be able to go from two to four throughout our park system. supervisor wiener: thank you. supervisor chu: just to be clear, with regard to the as needed pool of gardners, help me understand this -- when there is a vacancy or someone is out of leave for sec and they are assigned to any one of the areas -- what do you call them?
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the beat? park service areas? when they are assigned to park service areas, gardner's bid for and get a sight to park service areas. when they are absent for whatever reason, sick or medical leave for other issues, but do you back fill? >> we are unable to backfill. supervisor chu: why is that? is it a civil service issue? >> we would not have a budget requisition to backfill someone on a one-term leave. supervisor chu: if one part area was down five gardeners and another had full staffing, could be reassigned folks from the other? >> we do have the authority to reassign staff under the
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collective bargaining agreement. we do have other strategies. so as not to paint too gloomy of a picture, we are blessed with an incredible apprenticeship program. it's one of our budget initiatives and they work in a team capacity and we too often assigned apprentices as a team to go through problematic areas to work on them. under the mayor's leadership, we have been the beneficiary of support through the value add of services agency under the successful jobs now program where we have had a additional staff, we had 100 -- they were not gardners. we do have flexibility to make sure no particular area of our park system is not completely neglected.
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we have within san francisco 3,400 acres of open space. we are very lean and that's the case. we have done with parked patrol and custodial -- we have utilized the pool to fill some of are more challenging long- term vacancies and fill in the gap. it would be a permanent beat and the staff would understand they are as needed. it would be helpful. supervisor avalos: just about park patrol -- if there is an event and people who put the event on paid for the ps -- paid for the fees for park patrol, but does that mean there would be a person at the of that or
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would there be a possibility there could be any kind of security or service of that sort? >> we do debate our costs or over time, depending on the size and nature of the event, we will have parked patrol staff and their wall -- there will be at the event that that is far abated. supervisor avalos: i wonder if there could be something for smaller events -- for park patrol to be at the advent, that if he can be waived or not applied? i have heard of events at mclaren park where park patrol had arrived but the cars get broken into often at the amphitheater.
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>> i would be happy to talk to you about that offline. we are very aware of the permit that activities in our parks. we are not always aware of the spontaneous activities that happen from time to time in our parks. with the resources we have, we try to make the best decisions we can make in terms of public safety. supervisor avalos: i am talking about events that were paid for. the result was there have been break-ins. >> that should not happen. if someone has permited an event that we have discussed the need for a consistent part patrol presents, then we should have a park patrol officer there. i would be interested to understand --
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supervisor avalos: we can talk about this offline. i believe there are events quite frequently when there should be security services that's not provided and it is needed and that creates a great inconvenience for people. supervisor kim: i was hoping we could talk about the apprenticeship program. once you become an apprentice, what's the pipeline to becoming a full-fledged partner? do we have enough positions for them to go into? i think it is a great jobs initiative program for our residents, but i want to make sure there is a pipeline they can go into and there are vacancies available. >> it is one of the things we are most proud about. there's not just a pipeline from apprentice to gardner, but there is a pipeline into the apprenticeship program. it starts with our youth to worship program and a program
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that are down top high-school and jewish vocational services. we are giving kids exposure to taking care of the land at an early age and make them aware of opportunities to participate in a workforce development pipeline that could hopefully culminate in a gardner job. this is a partnership with local 261, the first program in the state of california. it is incredibly successful. this is only your three. we had 10 in our first-year class. an additional five in the second year. this year, we have asked for an additional 10 apprentices. we can only afford five in our budget and the mayor made sure we have another five to make sure was more robust. we're very grateful for that. it's a culmination of work and education through city college.
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we are not yet at the point where the first class has actually graduated yet. where we hope to end up is we would like to go to the civil service commission. we would like to end up with a situation where i graduated apprentice can automatically be placed into a vacant budget gardner position with no additional test, no additional length of time, no additional process. the best predictor of success is performance on the job. if they have graduated, they will complete their academic program and will have had two years of serious training in the field. where we want to end up with this program is graduating apprentices get placed in budgeted positions without any additional processes or delays. >> have you had graduates from
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this program? >> no. we had -- we actually had to early graduates because we did fill a bunch of vacancies and the apprentices in our program also met the minimum qualifications. we hired an selected them and i would like to know more about their graduation to make sure they completed their course work. supervisor kim: do we expect we we will be able to hire the incoming graduates that would be graduating throughout this year? >> we have -- we probably have an attrition rate -- we probably lose to retirement of 15 to 20 spot a year. 15 to 20 would be the sweet spot for us. the idea would be we would not
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need to do a gardner examinee more. that is the long-term goal. we need to continue to grow it but if you successfully complete the apprenticeship program and when there is a vacancy, there is a spot for you. >> if you have more vacancies are are able to add gardner positions, would you be able to fill them with the apprenticeship program or which you have to hire outside of the program? >> we are in a bit of an awkward spot because we're waiting for the first class to complete the apprenticeship program. those that are in the program would have to have met the minimum qualifications that have been established for the position. if they do and they test because we don't have the civil service rules change that will allow us to just pick from the program in place -- so if they test well enough, we would want to select them. we just took to because we know who they are and we know the work ethic and training.
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one of the goals of the apprenticeship program is to create a consistent set of professional standards for our partners. they may test well but we do not really know their work. supervisor kim: with the request of the five additional apprentices, you feel confident we can find replacements when they graduate? >> i'm not sure i understand? . five additional apprentices? -- i'm not really sure i understand that question. supervisor kim: maybe i am misreading that. was there a request for additional apprentices? >> are proposed budget would be a class of 10 new apprentices. we had 10 in our first year and it is a two-year cycle. last year, we only have five
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additional apprentices and this year we are back up to 10. supervisor kim: i noticed you had to line items associated for entry-level apprenticeships carter. one is $46,000.10 is $143,000. can you clarify that? i cannot understand that line- item very well. that seems like a big pay differential and i was curious as to why. >> i know that the budget analyst is going to -- i think our apprentices were all budget in every way to start in july. >> we have apprentices' budgeted in the general fund and open space fund. deposition's budgeted in the open space fund we inadvertently budget by will positions. but they were never actually scheduled to start until
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december. whereas the position the mayor's office budget did, they budgeted them for only a partial year. some of them are budgeted at six months. the budget analysts have actually reduced that line in the budget to take into account the fact that they will only be with us for six months. supervisor kim: completely switching gears to professional service contracts, have you done a study to evaluate your contracting with the zoological society and harding park? >> those are our two biggest personal contracts -- the zoological society is a nonprofit that works with us and helped us maintain this issue. we do pay them for those services. there is actually a committee called those who committee that
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is a combined committee of zoological board members and recreation and park members. there is a lot of oversight with respect to how the zoo is managed. and sure the executive director, if she were here, she would tell you they need more, not less. but we are getting it done and is to is showing some strength and visitors are coming back. they have had good numbers this year and we're pleased with that relationship. that agreement came to this board of supervisors and we went from a private clubhouse manager to a nonprofit. we reimburse them for expenses of late, but they have forgotten any profits at all. we saved about $200,000 and we are extraordinarily happy with
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the relationship and the job they're doing. harding was mobbed during that u.s. open week and because of some legislation this board approved, we were able to take advantage with a lot of people coming from all over the country and charge appropriately. it is a really productive relationship. supervisor kim: it was great to see the u.s. open on tv and great to see harding park on tv. i have been asking about professional services with all the parks, whether it's more cost-effective to have it in house and i know in many cases it is effective to have outside professional services. >> a very much so. i would note our relationship is
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a private-public partnership. they use their expertise as a professional manager of golf courses and clubhouses and special gulf-related events to their strengths, but we could not be prouder of the work to near 61 staff, including our apprentices are doing on the course. supervisor chu: please continue. >> on not sure where i left off. a think we were just highlighting some of the budget initiatives. two other things worth mentioning that i-the call small growth areas in our budget is we have an incredible tradition of
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putting on for family friendly events around the city. we have the tree lighting celebration at mclaren lodge, which has grown in scope and we have an event around halloween and an event in golden gate park to celebrate spring. this summer, which you will see out here, we have played a on the green where we bring kids from the neighborhood camps -- play day on the green. we bring them to a carnival type event. this year, we are doing it at civic center and it corresponds with the beginning of olympic coverage and we have some surprises in that regard. we will bring all the kids to civic center for rides and games and enjoy some an olympic fever. we have been doing these events
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on a shoestring, really without a budget. they are big and significant enough now that we have wanted to make sure we actually had funding set aside for them to sustain them. we have been borrowing from other pots to cobble and together. wesley, materials and supplies -- we increase -- last week, materials and supplies, we increased our budget by $100,000 which will be helpful for our gardeners and folks in our yard which this time of year, they have to stop working. our capital budget fluctuates by year and thank you to you all for supporting the november 2012 bond which was just in committee a few hours ago. if that ends up being a reality,
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that would become our big capital initiative for the year. we have some smaller projects we're working on and we have been able to leverage some generous support from the public utilities commission to actually fix up the boat house which has been closed and shut down for well over a decade. with some funding we hope to get the boat house open and available for the rowing clubs, for some of our own waterfront programming, we are offering kayaking and paddle surfing and other waterfront types of recreation. as has been reported numerous times, we were able to find some funding to do some serious work coy tower which we were proud of. that building has not really had much deferred maintenance
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investment for decades. several months ago, we hired an architectural resources group based in preservation architecture to review the building systems and they gave us a thoughtful and detailed road map with how to proceed. the murals have been a cause celeb in the papers. it's one thing to touch up the murals but not take care of the leaky roof which result in water leakage. telegraph hill meets some stabilization. this is a project we're working on during mud slide season. that area has been problematic and we continue our work with ada compliance work, we try to do more to make sure our parks and facilities are as accessible as possible. we are pleased we have some money in the budget to finally close the gap at becker. -- at bodecker.
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there have been renovations at balboa park and we're very excited about all the opportunities. we are also very excited to finally address longstanding problem that larsen park where there has not been any adequate playground for many years. we have some funding to continue our work with irrigation. this is important for water savings and it is a staff of efficiency measure. our irrigation systems, many of which are 70 years old or older. two-thirds of our system is operated on manual irrigation. when they break, it costs money and time. frankly, we want to move from manual watering to automated irrigation so we no longer have
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to have our precious few gardeners holding a host they attach manually from quick coupler to quick coupler. we're happy about that and we have some need to do court resurfacing. you asked for information on two specific issues one is job creation. we are particularly proud about this. we talked a lot about our apprenticeship program. we hire kids during the summer. i know the learning celebration is going on right now but we hired over 200 kids to be junior and assistant counselor at the summer. it is a partnership that we are proud of and the kids have been great. many of the kids be higher today will end up being recreation leaders and prominent civil servants employed sometime down the road. i did want to mention our camp
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experience because we have had some conversations about this. we brought 30 kids, many of whom had touched our cherished -- attached are two -- touched our juvenile probation department. this was done under the mayor's leadership. i spent a night with a group up there. it was an amazing program and we end up hiring 10 of those kids. one of them actually does that a prominent position in our department. it was a big success. we have a new program called greenagers which is funded and we have 12 paid intern slots. they do a combination of field work and leadership development. we have another program called the green academy which is a paid intern program. i mentioned the workers through
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the jobs now program. we are very pleased and we wish we had more granting resources to create jobs. the only other thing i would note as our bond programs create jobs. the 2008 parks bond, the number is about 3000 workers. two-thirds of which were locally hired. we will see the same economic impact with the 2012 parks bond. lastly, you asked about language access. our primary attraction with non- english language speakers really occurs in our recreation programming. people to speak multiple languages use our parks passively for a variety of reasons. our primary engagement tends to be on the recreation side. we print all our materials and multiple languages and use language lines for any non- english speaker we need to
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communicate with. this is an area where i would like to see as cultivates and strategies to do a little more. our programs from the -- so that people really know the programs available, even though we print our scholarship materials and multiple languages, we want them to really know about the opportunities and know how to register and i will say this -- we just completed our summer registration not just for summer camps but for programming. we are showing 10% to 12% growth and it's interesting because we have online registration and drop and registration. we are seeing about a split in how people are registering for
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our programs. that would be one goal for us on language access. you have had some long presentations, so i'm happy to take any questions. supervisor avalos: thank you for your presentation and the work on our parks. you are doing a lot with less and we have seen that there has been revenues generated from the park as well. they have come with some controversy and people are trying to come to terms with how our parks can be whole with arlene budget years. we seem to be getting out of those years in the work that we can do with supporting our parks. i have questions about the golf
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fund and sharp park as well. you probably would not expect to come up here -- we have been continuing to operate at a loss and major subsidies for our golf programs and i have asked the controller to provide some information about how we are managing our funds and i'm just wondering if you could explain what the current budget has in store for programming and what we can expect -- are we doing -- i believe we are about a million dollars short. >> i am going to let katie ask the final questions -- and we can discuss the issue for more policy perspective.
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we have some relatively decent news and we have been able to rectify some of our subsidy problems. >> in the current fiscal year, sharp park, we are estimating year to date that sharp park will need a subsidy of about $150,000. in the budget years, the budget assumes a sharp will have a slight profit of about $99,000. about $100,000 in the budget. the gulf fund as a whole will need a general fund a subsidy in the current fiscal year. in the budget year, the budget assumes a general fund subsidy of 2.4. of 2.4. most of that is related to